Monday, April 11, 2011

Seal Beach 5K Recap

On Saturday April 2, I ran the Seal Beach 5K with two of my dearest friends.  Lisa and I ran the 10K last year and had a blast!
Seal Beach 10K, 2010
We signed up for the 5K this year, and Lisa's husband decided to run it too!  He and I have been friends since forever (I was the best man in their wedding!), so it was fun for us all to get out and run.  It was a perfect Saturday for and overcast.
Seal Beach 5K, 2011
We cruised down to Seal Beach, and walked over to our corral.  I had been texting with Kristy a few days before the race and we decided to meet up if we could.  As David, Lisa and I were walking over to our corral, I immediately spotted Kristy's bright orange jersey and LA Marathon visor!  She was running with her friend who was running her 1st 5K!
I went back over to our corral and the gun went off.  It was David's 1st 5K so we decided to keep a nice easy and steady pace.  David has also been fighting the flu that week and on race day had a 100 degree fever!  How he still ran, I don't know!  Rockstar.
We ran at about an 11-12 min/mile and talked the whole time about everything and anything.  The first mile was a little crowded but soon thinned out.  We hit mile 2 and I was feeling so great.  I asked David how he was holding up with his fever and if he wanted to walk and drink some water, and to my amazement he said he didn't need to stop because he was feeling very good!  At the water station we did grab a cup and slowed to a jog as we drank.  Like I said, this was David's first 5K and first organized race, and he was pumped when he crunched his water cup and threw it!  First water cup!  Wahoo!!
Around mile 2.5 David said he was starting to feel light headed...BUT with 0.6 miles left he didn't want to walk or even slow down.  We actually picked up the pace a bit to get to the finish sooner.  As we turned the corner and saw the finish, Lisa and I took off in a hard sprint to the finish!  After crossing the finish line, we turned around to see how David was doing and realized he already finished!  He too sprinted across the finish line.  Go David!!  First 5K complete!!!
We clocked our finish at 36:16 which we all were super happy with!  Congrats David on finishing (and kicking butt) on your first race, and with a 100 degree fever no less!!!
We grabbed water and some oranges, and took this gem:
The Seal Beach Run is such a fun run and I look forward to running it in the future!



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