Friday, July 2, 2010

23 Days Until the San Francisco Half!

Lately I haven’t been diligent with my blogging, mainly because nothing exciting has happened in my running world.

I had a couple of short runs this week, but honestly, I have not followed my training plan this week at all. FAIL. With San Francisco in 23 days, I need to be diligent with my workouts and really push myself. I don’t know why I’ve been struggling this week though. Maybe it’s because my brother and his wife just had a baby and I’ve been so preoccupied with my new adorable little nephew? Maybe it’s because I’ve been coming into work extra early and haven’t logged the miles in the AM like normal (then after working 12 hours I’m “too tired to run”)? Maybe. But that’s no excuse, especially with three weeks to go! Albeit my lack of running, I did do several aerobic classes…Monday I took a class with my cousin that was like a combo of Bikram Yoga (hot room) + Kickboxing + Pilates, and man was it intense! It was non-stop high intensity for the full hour using TRX machines (pulleys using your body weight), bosu balls (running over them and jumping on them too!), resistance bands around ankles while running, and so much more! IT WAS A BLAST!!! Then on Tuesday and Thursday I did a CrossFit-like workout that was 45 minutes non-stop of cardio, strength, and abs. My arms are sore today from yesterday’s workout. It’s a good sore though :)

So anyways, I am getting back on track with running starting today. According to my training plan, today is a “rest” day, but given my lack of running this week, I am going to run 3-5 miles today after work. As for this weekend, I am going to squeeze in a 10-miler sometime around going to the beach and hanging with my family, bf, and friends for the holiday weekend :) But the 10-miler will happen no matter what!
What do you guys do to stay on track? Any words of wisdom?

Have a healthy, happy, and safe 4th of July weekend!!!


  1. Well for me...I treat my training like my work...not going is NOT an option. If it's on the books to has to be doing it tomorrow. Honestly...I wish I could be a little more flexible...but if I let myself be flexible...I let myself get!

    Good luck!!

  2. You just need a high stress job. Then you'll face running like me - my choice is to go home after work and yell at my family, or go for a run and leave my stress on the trails!

    Have a great 4th!

  3. Good job getting back into it...20 days until SF!