Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 miles on the 4th of July + Running shoe poll

I can’t believe the 4th of July came and went so quickly! Where did the first half of 2010 go?! My fourth of July weekend was so much fun and incredibly relaxing, just what I wanted. In a nutshell I spent the entire weekend with my boyfriend and our families and friends. It was full of the beach, BBQs, watching fireworks and lighting our own, and movies. I did get my 10-miler in on the 4th too and it was terrific (for the most part haha)!
Sunday morning, July 4, I woke up around 7am to get my 10-miler in before the sun popped out and the BBQs began. I ate ½ a peanut butter Clif bar, drank an espresso, put on my new Nike top that I got for my birthday, laced up my shoes and was off. I had mapped out a nice 10 miles on around the marina to the beach, and around a park and home. It was completely overcast outside, quite cold, and even a little windy. The first 5 miles were a cake walk. I kept a 10-11:34 min/mile pace and was very comfortable. Unfortunately around mile 5 I felt a hot spot on the arch of my left foot. No scratch that. It was on FIRE! I stopped and took off my shoe to check it out and found a massive blister on the bottom of my entire arch. OUCH! I called my brother, who has been kicking booty in his SF training (he decided he was going to run it and started training for it only 3 weeks ago!) and asked what he would do. He said if I couldn’t walk then he would come pick me up. It wasn’t that bad, so I decided to push through. What’s another 5 miles, right? I got through to mile 7.5 and the pain just got intolerable. I ended up walking/jogging the last bit home where I stretched and soaked my feet in a heavenly peppermint foot bath.

Despite the gnarly blister on my foot, I had a great run! I knocked out several hills with ease, and for the first time, I never really felt exhausted. It was a wonderful feeling! If it wasn’t for my blister, it was the feeling that I could go on forever without ever stopping.

My shoes, however, have reached the end of their lifespan. I have been running in Adidas Supernova Glide2, and I absolutely love them. I would buy them again, but I think I want to try another kind of shoe. What kind of shoe do you run in?

If you have any recommendations, I’d appreciate it!!


  1. Jim D'Itri Jr.July 7, 2010 at 4:00 PM

    Vibram Five Fingers' Bikila. Barefoot-style running is mechanically great for your body. If you think about it, our feet were not designed for shoes but rather vice versa. Once you adjust your running style away from the common "heel strike" and adapt more of a "pose-style" of running, you will notice considerable advantages. Though, the first couple of weeks running in Five Fingers, your ankles and calves are on fire because they are not used to the demands. Just a thought...

  2. Ugh...that blister sounds awful! Hope you're all better now...