Thursday, May 27, 2010

The 3.5 miler that turned into 7

You know those days when you feel like you're on top of the world?  Well that's how I felt today.

This morning I went out to run my 3.5 miler and I felt so in-tune with my body and had my rhythm down that my 3.5 miler turned into a 7 miler.  It was amazing!  It was one of those runs that seems to go so well that you feel like you could run forever.  It was overcast today so it wasn't too hot, however it was quite humid.  Before I even hit mile 1 I felt sticky and a damp...but luckily it was cool so that counter acted it.  I ran down around Marine Stadium then to the beach and the breeze along the water felt so good, it almost cut out the humid feeling completely!
A very short dirt path along Marine Stadium
Running along the bay I cam across some sidewalk art!  There were some very detailed chalk drawings of a skull and bones, some kinds of "leaves" and then these two:
I had to take a picture of LB!  After all, its my hometown!  And I just love Spongebob :)
Then I hit the beach.  I ran along the beach path for a bit until I decided to turn around for the "back" portion of my out-and-back.
Beach bike path
@ mile 6
Haha yes I did try to take a pic of myself running...
I'm a dork :-P
It felt so good to get my rhythm and feel like I could run forever!  I will take that as a good sign with 8 weeks to go until the San Fran 1/2!  When I was training for Surf City in February, my first 1/2 marathon, my longest training run was a 10K...I seemed to have slacked a little bit on getting those longer runs in.  Well this time I am more focused and determined, and hell, if today's spontaneous 7 miler is an indication of how my long runs will go, I feel totally confident in my ability to run SF!
Speaking of SF, I'm heading up to Napa and San Fran for the long holiday weekend with my boyfriend! We have a TON of fun stuff tasting, comedy show, Giants game at the fabulous AT&T park!!!!, and more!  5 days of fun adventures with my love!  It's going to be an awesome Memorial Day weekend!  I also have some runs to get in, and I can't complain about running through the wine country :)
Have a safe and fun-filled holiday weekend!!!


  1. What a great run...I love those! What a beautiful area you get to run in.

  2. Looks like you ran some othe Long Beach Marathon course. Have fun in Napa this weekend!