Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I AM Running!

This is me:

I saw this at the Aflac Irongirl on Mother's Day and LOVED it!  I thought it was cute because I am not a fast runner fast at all, but I love to run.  I just wanted to share this  :)

This morning I woke up at 4:45 to head out for my 3.5 miler.  It was forecasted to rain around 7/8am, so I figured I would be well on my way to work by then.  So I put on my windbreaker, my capris, and laced up my shoes and headed for an easy run around my neighborhood.  Around mile 1 it started misting, which was actually pretty refreshing.  The air was infused with the scent of night jasmine (one of my favorites!) and it was very crisp out.  Then around mile 2 the drops got bigger and started to come down harder.  The water was getting into my eyes and kept blurring my vision so I decided to cut my run short.  Luckily I was cruising around my neighborhood, so I ran home making my run 1 mile short of the 3.5 I had on the schedule.  I felt great with the 2.5miles I managed to get in.  I kept about a 10min/mile pace (again, remember the turtle above :-P).  When I got home I did 100 crunches, some pushups, and biceps/triceps.  So despite my run being short, I did manage to incorporate some strength training today.

On tomorrow's agenda...SWIMMING!
Have a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. Good job on the rainy run! Love your turtle pics :)