Thursday, March 4, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

This past weekend I went to Vegas with my boyfriend, my friend Kelso (that what I call her) and her boyfriend whose name also happens to be Sean, and one other couple.  My boyfriend and I drove up Friday and met up with everyone that night in our hotel room at Planet Hollywood Towers.  The PH Towers opened only six weeks ago and the rooms were huge with a floor-to-ceiling window and a great view of the strip.
Our room minus the kitchen and bathroom
That first night everyone came to our room for drinks before heading out. My friend’s boyfriend went to Bartending School for fun, so he was mixing some tasty drinks for us.
Me and Sean
The girls with Mr. Bartender in the background
The Seans and A-ron
Me and Kelso
Sean and I ended up going on our own adventure that night to the new Aria Hotel across the street which was gorgeous! It was very modern with an upscale chic lounge-like atmosphere.  The Aria had glass orbs hanging from the ceilings which I took like 534,298 pictures of with both my camera AND phone haha.
The Aria and shops @ the Aria
One of the millions of decor pictures I took
Anyways, we checked out a bar there and two drinks came out to almost $50 so we closed and out headed back to PH.  Cool bar though, just pricey.
The next day I met up with Kelly and her boyfriend and we cruised the strip and ended up at the Venetian sipping on Bloody Mary’s and eating chicken sandwiches.

Moving sidewalk to the Venetian
Later we all drove to go see the Pawn Stars shop since the Seans are obsessed with that show (my dad and bro too!  I’ve only seen a few episodes and it’s an awesome!).
Pawn Stars!!!
There was no photography allowed inside, but watch the show and you’ll see the incredible antiques and the seemingly-worthless-things-that-are-actually-worth-a-ton-of-money that we saw.  None of the guys were there, but it was still cool to be at Pawn Stars.  Then we cruised over to Fremont Street which I had never been to for some reason!  It’s classic Vegas.
Fremont St has this state-of-the-art light sound and animation display with over 12.5 million synchronized LCD modules and  we saw “Bad to the Bone”.
We then went back to Kelly and Sean’s room at the Trump before cruising to a Comedy Show at the Sahara.
All of us @ the Sahara
Morgan, Kelso, me
We're goofy
The Sahara should not have been called the Sahara that weekend…with NASCAR in town, the Sahara turned into NASCAR NATION.  Everyone and their moms (literally) and kids were wearing NASCAR jackets, smoking, betting on the race.  Side note:  I’ve always been an INDY fan going to the LB Grand Prix since I was 6 months old…not so much a NASCAR fan.  Anyways….we went to The Comedy Stop and saw headliner Al Ducharme who has quite the repertoire.  He was hilarious!!!  His previous act not so much, actually not at all.  But we all were falling out of our chairs with Mr. Ducharme and his uncanny Star Wars and Matrix sound effects and impressions as well as everything else he did.  The man was funny.  We all went back to PH where we got comped for Prive and then gambled a bit.  I lost $20 bucks :(
Next morning Sean and I headed out at 8:30am and made it home in three hours!  We decided we like leaving early because there was absolutely zero traffic!!  And it was a crystal clear day.

Cruisin' back home
We made it home in time to watch the USA v. Canada Olympic Gold Medal hockey game!!!  We were a little bummed USA lost, but not so much because Getzlaf, Niedermayer, and Perry are on the Anaheim Ducks so we heart them.  Oh and my friend’s cousin is engaged to Getzlaf!!!  Sean and I are working on an invitation to the wedding hehe.

Tomorrow I will post about my first week of boot camp which I am totally loving!


  1. excellent!! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. What fun! I can't drive from Vegas to SoCal early in the AM. The speeding tickets have a tendency to wipe out any winnings....

  3. You lost me at two drinks for $50.

  4. Swaaa-weet! I went to Vegas in August and it was flipping awesome! My parents went in January and stayed at Vdara, so I saw her pix of all of that stuff was total construction when I went! Anyway, what a nice mini vacay!