Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck o' the Irish!! Happy St. Patty's Day + 1st Hill Workout!

First off, Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!!
Have a fun (and safe!) St. Patrick's Day!!

Now onto my first hill workout:

Last Friday, I accomplished my first hill workout.  I went to Signal Hill, and if anyone knows it, it’s no small feat.  It definitely was a workout.

I started at the base of the hill and ran up Skyline Drive.  It was beautiful because Skyline Dr. overlooks all of Long Beach towards the ocean and I could see all the city lights because the sun hadn’t come up yet.  So I made it to the top only to run back down and back up two more times.  Once I did three up/downs on the big hill, I found a trail that was a hill followed by stairs.  I ran down and up that twice and I definitely started to feel the lactic acid in my legs.  I ran an easy lap around the neighborhood then found a short but very steep hill off of Ohio Street.  I ran down and back up that hill once, jogged around the top of it to steady my heart rate, then tackled that monster of a hill again.  It was SO steep!  I ran halfway up the hill, then picked up my pace for ten yards, then sprinted to the top.  That last bit to the top is probably the steepest too, so I really had to dig and push myself.  I did that breakdown (halfway, pick up speed, then sprint) 2 more times on that hill and afterwards I was spent.  I pushed so hard I felt like I was going to throw up after all those hill repeats all over the Hill.  That workout definitely will increase my lung capacity and endurance!!!  I cooled down a bit then ran back to the lookout point at the top of Signal Hill before running back down Skyline at an easy cool-down pace.

I stretched it out then got in my car and chugged my water before heading home.  As exhausting as my first hill workout was, I did it!  I felt so great and amped up!  I know I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and it was worth it.  On top of having a great first hill workout, I saw a beautiful sunrise that showered the city in golden light.  It was intoxicating and inspiring.

I spent this past weekend in San Francisco and Napa with my boyfriend for our 3rd anniversary.  It’s beautiful up there, and I was able to get a run in through the vineyards in Napa which I will share tomorrow!


  1. WTG Mags! Congrats on the hill workout.

    Be careful coming down. In fact most hill workouts call for either a walk or an easy jog down. The downhill after a tough uphill is where a lot of injuries (tendons, muscle pulls) happen.

    And you're right. Signal Hill is *not* for slouches!

  2. Yeah to what Glenn said...those downhills can be deadly.

    Good for you girl!