Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Make Room for Santa 5K!

Sunday morning I woke up at 4:45am to get ready for my 5K race down in Irvine.  My friend, Lisa, and I were running together, and she was going to pick me up at 6:15ish so we would have plenty of time to get down there, park and warm up.  I woke up early enough to eat a banana, and I started getting ready.  I was so excited because this was the race that I was going to wear my Santa costume in!  I got the Santa outfit a while go, and got a red and white bow for my hair along with red and white high socks.  Lisa had a little outfit up her sleeve too!  It was so awesome (and probably more breathable than my velvet ensemble).
Here we are before the race:

Heading to the starting line:

We got there with ample time to cruise the booths, pee, and get a little warm up in.  The race was slightly delayed, and at 8:05am  we were finally off!  Lisa and I kept a very steady 10min/mile pace that I was very comfortable with.  I was feeling great until mile 2.  Around this mile marker there was a water station and my mouth was so dry that as I was running by I took a water cup just to get my mouth wet again.  I guess I drank more than I wanted to because after I got a killer cramp in my right side.  I slowed down a bit and tried to stretch out that side and take deep breaths but it wasn't helping, so I decided to walk.  I walked for about 2-3 minutes until I felt better, and then picked up my pace again.  At this point it was mostly uphill (the majority of it was a slight uphill) but I felt good.

The course turned off the road onto a trail along side the channel,  and it was so crisp!  It had poured rain the entire day before and the morning of, so everything was fresh, crisp, and it made me feel alive.  The weather was cool and refreshing, and I took in every moment on the trail portion...it was beautiful.  Remember I mentioned that nasty side cramp that went away?  Well the little bugger came back...in my back!  All of a sudden I felt like someone had stabbed me below my left shoulder blade in the back.  It was such a sharp stabbing pain and I could hardly breathe.  I wanted to walk so badly, but instead I pushed through it, slowing down my pace significantly.  I ended up running alongside an older gentlemen for a while who was decked out in Laker gear...my kind of guy!  (The Laker gear people, that's all!  I'm a huge Lakers fan).  We ran together for the a bit of the trail portion until I looked at my Garmin and realized the finish line was approaching.  I picked up the pace taking deep breaths to try and soothe my cramp (it didn't work), and at about mile 2.85 I started to book it.  Even though I was in pain I knew I could do it and I wanted to finish strong.  Start slow and finish strong.  So I pushed it...hard!

Here is a picture of me in the OC Register online crossing the finish line (yea, not great, but I love it anyways):

So what my face is slightly contorted...I had a blast!  I was pushing so hard through the finish line and I was so happy with myself.  I wasn't even trying to but I made a Personal Record!  33:29!  In a red velvet dress and a red tutu, with a stabbing pain, no less!  Afterwards Lisa and I felt so good...we drank some water, picked up an EAS chocolate shake, and ate half a banana.  Oh yea, and we enjoyed a free 10 minute massage.

We did it!  We both PR'd!  Here is us with Santa and our little Santa medals/ornaments afterwards:

My overall time was 33:29!  
My splits:
Mile 1 - 10:04
Mile 2 - 12:01
Mile 3 - 10:12
Mile .1 - 1:12

Average pace - 10:44
Best pace - 7:14

Lisa and I both had a great morning!  Races are fun because there is so much energy and inspiration.  I can't wait until my next race (which is coming up!).  I'm training for my first half marathon, and tomorrow I'll post about my training schedule and where I'm at now.  Oh, I also have my first 10K along the journey to 13.1!



  1. I love the costumes!

    I had a rough, rough time at that race. I did the 10k and my body wasn't feeling it at all. I hardly ran - my legs were so heavy and I was so tired.