Monday, December 21, 2009

6 miler...DONE!

Yesterday I ran my longest distance ever:  6 miles!  Before yesterday the farthest I had ever run was 5K, or 3.1 miles.  As a side note, last year I did walk 39.3 miles for breast cancer, which you can read about here.  But running and walking are two very different things.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling amped up and ready to go.  I mapped out my route and ran down to the beach and along the beach path.  It was the perfect morning for it too...slightly overcast with the sun peaking through, and only about 63 degrees.  I wore a running tee and shorts, and although it was a little chilly I was very comfortable.  It was exciting to run past houses decorated for Christmas.  The majesty of the it all completely took my mind off the burning/stabbing pain I started to feel in my left calf around mile 3.  I slowed down and walked for a little bit until the pain started to subside, then I continued on at a slower pace.  The pain crept back around mile 5 and I tried to push through, but no go.  I slowed to a hasty walk and tried stretching my muscle.  My calf felt a little better.  I was almost done with my 6 miles and I wanted to finish strong.  And I did!  I pushed through and felt so great afterwards minus the burning in my left leg.  But I did it!  I finished my 6 miler!

After my run I came home and started getting ready for my surprise Christmas date with my boyfriend.  He planned the whole afternoon and night for us and it was perfect!  I didn't know anything except that I had to wear a nice dress.  He picked me up and took me to the Pantages in LA where we saw "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".  It was fantastic!

After the show we walked to the bohemian bistro, Ivan Kane's Cafe Was where we had a delicious meal paired with great wines and listened to some fabulous live music on the 1924 Mason and Hamlin grand piano along with the trumpet, bass, guitar, harmonica, and vocals!  It was so much fun!  I was so surprised...and the night didn't stop there!  It was the best Christmas present ever (last year I thought that too...he gave me the moon!  Literally!  I own an acre on the moon along with a silver moon-shaped neckalce)!  My boyfriend is so creative, sentimental, and we couldn't be more in love :)

Anyways, yesterday was awesome!  My 6 miler...DONE!  Magical Christmas date...YES!

Today was a rest day and tomorrow I run an easy 3 miles.  I'm toying with the idea of running the San Francisco 1/2 in July...not sure yet but much time does one space in between 1/2s?  I'm running Surf City in Feb so July would be ample time to recover and train right?  Hmmm...



  1. If you stick with your training plan you should be able to run a half marathon every month! That's what makes the HM so cool - long enough that it is a real challenge and accomplishment, but not so long that it beats you up like a marathon does.

    As far as your calf - do you keep track of how far you run in your shoes? Most shoes have a finite life - somewhere between 250 and 400 miles. I always know when my shoes have worn out when I start getting pain in places I normally don't have pain. Also - did you go to a running store (Road Runner Sports, Snail's Pace, etc.) and get your gait analyzed? A lot of times pain just comes from being in the wrong type of shoe....