Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Running Shoes!!

Four years ago I had severe IT Band Syndrome with little tears in my IT band, and I had to do physical therapy for it.  Last year during my training for the LA Marathon, it flared up again, but I pushed through because it was my first full marathon and I was running it in memory of Mom for MDS awareness.  I ended up injuring myself further, and quite frankly haven’t been running much since I completed my marathon last year.  That was last March.  Recently, I finally decided to ease back into it recreationally without the pressure of having a race on the calendar.  Unfortunately, every run I’ve been on ends somewhere between 5-10 minutes because ITBS flares up and I feel the pain on the lateral part of my knees.  So I Googled “how to alleviate ITB pain” and I found everything I’d read before:

1. Rest/Ice/Compression/Elevation: check
2. Reduce activity: how can I reduce a 5 minute run?!
3. Foam roller: check.
4. Anti-inflammatory medications:  check.
5. Running shoes:  ahhh….there we go.

I had been running in my Nike Frees, which are great shoes and I love them.  However with my IT band issues and the fact that I supinate (ankles roll outward), they don’t provide the necessary cushioning that my body needs.  I decided to pay my local running store a visit to help find me some new cushioned shoes that would work.  After chatting with the shoe expert and him seeing how I run, he recommended Brooks Ghosts and Nike Vomeros, two shoes that I’ve worn in the past and loved (I honestly don’t remember why I switched).  Anyhow, I tried them each on and went for a test run.  The Ghosts were similar to what I remember, but they felt a little stiff and my ankle felt like it was sliding from side to side.  The Vomeros were a completely new design and they felt as though I were running on clouds.  Also my ankle wasn’t slipping around.

I ended up buying the Vomeros and as soon as I got him, I laced up and took them for a spin.  For the first time in a very long time, I was pain free.  It was incredible!  They were so cushiony and supportive, I felt like I could run forever.  I even set a PR for my pace (10 min/mile).  Yay!  I am so happy I invested in a new pair of running shoes that work for me.


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