Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Challenge Recap

Happy first day of March!!  Last month I took on two challenges:
1.  To run at least a mile every day
2.  To participate in the #FEBphotoaday challenge

Let's start with my mile-a-day challenge...
As you can see from my chart, I ran every day with the exception of one day, February 21st.  But, look at it this way--this year was a leap year so there was an extra day in February, and that missed day doesn't really count ;)  Seriously though, missing one day isn't bad.  I definitely had some stronger days, and there were days I had IT band issues and toe issues.  But I logged the miles nonetheless!
Best mile:  February 15th @ 9:42 pace
Worst mile:  February 9th @ 11:25 pace
Overall average:  9:55 pace
I had fun with this challenge and I'd do it again.  But for today, my legs are happy to rest :)

Now onto my #FEBphotoaday challenge:
Here is the list:
Every day you take a picture then post it to Twitter, Facebook, whatever outlet you choose, and hashtag it with #FEBphotoaday.
Here is my #FEBphotoaday compilation:
February was a fun month with these challenges!

Did you take on any challenges in February?  Will you in March?

Happy Thursday!!


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