Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three Things Thursday!

1.  I've been working out so much and it feels great!!  I'm still not running as much (I'll get to that in a second), but I'm working with my trainer, and taking fitness classes and practicing yoga with my cousin.  I've been praticing yoga for a while now at my nearby yoga studio, and recently one of my coworkers put together a yoga group at work!  We had our first session this week and it's for an hour after work one night a week, mainly focusing on stretching, flexibility, breathing and relaxation.

2.  T-minus ONE MONTH 'til the Disneyland half marathon!  Yesterday I got an email with the "Final Race Instructions" and thought, 'Holy cow, it's nealry here!  Have I been training?  Not so much.'  I'm so excited about it though, especially since Sean and I ran the Disneyworld Half in Florida in January!  But I will need to implement some kind of walk/run ratio, more heavily weighted on the walk portions.  Which brings me to #3...

3.  I have a training plan!  Enough whining from me about how I don't have enough time to run.  I am going to make time even if it's only for 2 miles.  I like to follow a plan because it keeps me focused, so I put together a very simple 10-week training plan with runs 3x a week:  Mon & Wed - easy runs, Sat - long run
It's pretty simple and I have confidence I can make time for the miles.  When I built this plan yesterday (after receiving the Disneyland email), I scoped out the calendar and the Long Beach Marathon happens to be 10 weeks from now.  So I am "training for that" but as of right now I have no intention of running it this year...but ya never know!

So that's that!  Lots of activity, lots of endorphins, lots of happiness...and now, a lot more running!!!


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