Friday, August 12, 2011

BluePrint Cleanse Review!

Was I hungry? Surprisingly not. Was I tired? Nope! Did I still workout and have energy? Hell yea!

On Tuesday and Wednesday I did a juice cleanse. Now I know what you’re thinking…those are bad for you…you don’t get enough nutrients…etc. Well, if you do the Master Cleanse, then yes…that one is bad for you because it’s just lemonade and cayenne pepper of some crap. I did a lot of research and found the BluePrint Cleanse (BPC), which is comprised of 6 delicious juices per day. There are different types of cleanses, and as a first-time cleanser, I went with level 1, the Renovation Cleanse.
“Renovation Cleanse – The beginner’s cleanse. If you are new to juicing, start here and work your way up.” I chose to cleanse for two days (no way I was jumping in to a 5 or 7 day cleanse!).
Each day you have 6 juices:
1. Green Juice – Kale, cucumber, romaine, celery, apple, spinach, and lemon (sounds gross but it’s tasty!)

2. P.A.M. – Pineapple, apple, mint (this is DELISH! I could drink this all day long! Would be good in a cocktail too…)

3. Green Juice again

4. Spicy Lemonade – Water, agave nectar, lemon, cayenne pepper (look familiar? This is all the master cleanse is. It’s a very tasty juice with a nice kick, but no way I can drink JUST this all day for days. No thank you master cleanse, I’ll stick with the BPC!)

5. Carrot Apple Beet Juice – carrot, apple, beet, celery, ginger, lemon juice

6. Cashew Milk – Filtered water, raw cashews, agave nectar, vanilla bean, cinnamon (this juice is SOOOO delicious…it’s like dessert but not too sweet. This was my fav with the P.A.M. juice in a close 2nd.)

The juices were all tasty, but I definitely had my favorites. I spread them out, drinking my first juice around 8am, second around 10:30am, third around 12:30pm, fourth around 3:00pm, fifth around 5:30pm, and the yumminess that is the last one around 7:30pm.

One of my concerns before juicing is if I would get headachy, lethargic, and crave real food. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that the juices were quite filling and I never had a rumble in my tummy. I shockingly never got a headache (I’m prone to migraines), and I had so much energy! The beauty of this cleanse, and I think the reason for my feel-so-good experience, is that each juice is loaded with essential nutrients that your body needs. So even though you’re not eating hard food, you’re still getting what you need.

I really felt great! I worked out Tuesday morning with my trainer and took a spin class Tuesday night, Wednesday morning I went for a short walk before work, and yesterday I worked out with my trainer again and practiced hot yoga after work.  I never felt too fatigued to workout :)

The only thing my body wanted but wasn’t getting was salt. I’m a BIG salt fan (chips, cheese, anything salty), and by Wednesday I was craving some salt. But I did not give in and I am happy I didn’t! I needed a mini salt detox anyways ;)
Would I do this BPC juice cleanse again? Absolutely! I wouldn’t choose to do more than 2 days, but that’s just me. Do it for however long you want! It’s great!
Disclaimer: BPC did not ask me to review this product. These opinions are strictly my own from personal experience with the product.

Happy Friday all!!!!  I hope you have a fabulous and fun weekend!!
<3 Mags


  1. Thanks for sharing this review, it was really interesting. That's interesting about the salt - I know I've really increased my salt intake since I became a hot weather runner. Heh.