Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh The Places You'll Go!

Over the past few weeks, my work weeks have been insanely busy and then I've spent my weekends traveling, which has left me with little to no time to blog!  This is what I've been up to:
First I was in Napa, where Sean and I visited several wineries, enjoyed the sun, and hiked some pretty cool trails.
Then we went to San Francisco where we saw the Giants slaughter the D-Backs.  Don't be fooled by my Giants attire...I am a born-and-raised die hard Angel fan, always will be.  But it was free hat night at AT&T park, which by the way is one of the most beautiful ballparks I've been to.  We sat in the outfield on the bay side!

The next weekend, a couple of my college roomies were flying to Vegas from NY so naturally I met them!  Hey, we're sisters @ heart!  So off to Vegas we went.
Finally this past weekend my family and I drove to beautiful Santa Barbara for my baby brother's college graduation.  Baby bro is UCSB c/o 2010!!  We cruised up early Friday morning and spent the entire weekend lounging at the resort pool and going out to celebrate my bro's graduation with the whole family!  Saturday morning Sean, my dad, and I got a good long trail in too, and it felt good to get out and run.
I couldn't be more proud of my brother!  When he was born I was convinced mom and dad had him just for me (I wasn't yet 3!).  And now he's a college grad going to Law School in the fall!  I'm such a proud sis!
Anyways, I have been asking him fervently for a long while to run the San Francisco half marathon with me in July.  His answer has always been "No, I don't have enough time to train."  Now, he is SUPER athletic and could train for it in a month.
Well, he moved back home yesterday and first thing he said to me when I saw him was, "I'll do it with you Sis, sign me up!"  I was overcome with excitement that I ran to my laptop and immediately registered him.
Now not only are my best friend and cousin running the San Fran 1/2 with me, but my baby bro is too!!!  I am so motivated to keep training and I can't wait until July 25!!

Two more exciting things before I sign off:
1.  I start grad school in the fall!!!  I will be attending Chapman University, Argyros School of Business and Economics for my MBA!!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!
2.  I ordered the new iPhone comes out three days before my birthday, so it's my present to myself :)  I have been waiting for Apple to release a new excited for June 24!

That's all for now!



  1. That is so exciting that your baby bro will finally run with you. Whoo hoo!

    Sounds like you have a lot of positive going on in your life - good for you!

  2. You'e been a busy bee!

    Congrats on grad school. It's *nothing* like undergrad. I enjoyed my grad program (USC) immensely!

  3. many exciting things! Congrats to your bro and how great that he will be running the SF half with you :)