Friday, November 2, 2012


November is a month to give thanks, and I am blessed to have to so many things to be thankful for. Because there are 30 days in November, I am going to list 30 things that I am thankful for, even though there are plenty more :)
I am thankful for:

1. My health, both physical and mental

2. My loving husband, my soul mate, my best friend. I love you baby

3. Our sweet kitty

4. Our handsome chocolate lab

5. Our beautiful baby great dane, soon to be our gentle giant

6. My incredibly strong, caring, and goofy dad

7. My big brother and his family who live far away but luckily I get to talk to and skype with frequently

8. Technology that allows me to communicate with my big brother in real time so the 2,000 miles between us seemingly doesn’t exist.

9. My little bro who isn’t so little, and can always make me laugh

10. My marvelous extended family

11. Living so close to all my family and that we get to see each other multiple times a week

12. A house to call home

13. A career that I love

14. My car to take me where I need to go

15. My education, thank you Mom and Dad for the gift of knowledge

16. Great friends who are there for me no matter what

17. My fantastic parents-in-law who are two of the kindest people I know

18. The ability to pay my bills on time

19. Sunsets, I’m a sucker for sunsets

20. Seeing the sunrise every morning because it reminds me I’m alive on this day and to make it count

21. Where I live (5 minutes from the beach, 1½ hours from the mountains and desert)

22. Movies

23. Food and my favorite drink, water

24. My love for cooking and being able to do so

25. My community

26. Having traveled around the world to the places I’ve been to (with many more places on our travel list)

27. This blog to share my thoughts

28. My readers on this blog

29. Music

And last but definitely not least,

30. My Mom, who was and will always be my mentor, my idol, and my best friend. I miss you every single day. I love you to heaven and back.

I am thankful.


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